is ground-breaking.


is all-natural, potent protection
against infectious diseases.


is a revolutionary, evidence-based, and intelligent
pathway to immunity and prevention.


is the patented and powerful combination of

Let us explain...

BEEMAR Formula, Vaccine and Immunotherapy is a revolutionary approach to harnessing the power of nature’s intelligence to deliver unrivalled and dynamic protection against infectious diseases. 

BEEMAR is the intuitive and idyllic union of Thalassotherapy (the use of sea water in health treatments) and Apitherapy (the use of bees and bee derivatives in health treatments) into one potent combination with two powerful ingredients: Honeybee Lysozymes (and other bee derivatives) with Enhanced Marine Plasma.

The power of BEEMAR is in its all-natural simplicity to effectively activate and equip the body’s own immune system, producing specific and intelligent genetic messaging – essentially teaching the cells “code” – to survey their environment, confront and destroy harmful pathogens, and generate memory of the infection to initiate specific and robust immunity in future attacks.

BEEMAR is past, present, and future-proof – its inherently adaptive nature gives it the advantage of quickly addressing significant mutations or new threats; unlike existing options where new code must be understood and rewritten, nature provides it for BEEMAR almost immediately.

In a sea of vaccines, BEEMAR’s formulaic simplicity, its scalability, and its responsiveness to a wide spectrum of health threats simultaneously make BEEMAR a stand-alone solution.

With the emergence of persistent and resistant ‘super bugs’ and the sheer volume of unpredictable and mutating viruses, BEEMAR is a rare and critical advancement.

The combination of BEEMAR’s only two ingredients offer numerous inherent advantages over current immunotherapies, including:

  • Efficient and unimpeded travel through the human body and directly into cell nuclei – facilitated by a stable pH, low-molecular weight, and inherent biocompatibility with the internal landscape of the body.
  • Naturally abundant Silica – acting both as an antiviral and an adjuvant, enhancing the body’s immune response to an antigen.
  • A nanoparticle-based delivery system – that allows for higher concentrations of BEEMAR in infected, unhealthy cells, while minimizing side effects in healthy cells.
  • A pure, biocompatible carrier (marine plasma) – eliminating the need for toxic adjuvants and additives used in current therapies such as antibiotics, preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, aluminum salts, and acidity regulators.
  • An ideal peptide structure, low molecular weight, and complete mineral and trace elements profile – (all 78 required) that enable cells to optimally absorb this biocompatible solution – improving wellbeing at a deep, cellular level.