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i. Clinical Efficacy: Animals

In the last decade, the financial losses caused by the major epidemic diseases of poultry have affected both the commercial and the public sectors tremendously. Some poultry diseases as outlined by the World Health Organisation, may be zoonotic in that they are caused by germs that are spread between animals and people, and therefore pose a threat to public health.  

The Zoonotic Effect 

Infectious diseases in chickens that are contagious to humans range from viruses such as Avian influenza and Newcastle Disease, bacteria and food-borne such as Salmonella enteritidis and Escherichia coli, to parasites, fungi and others. This is to name a few examples of how emerging infectious diseases in humans often stem from animals.   

Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance and infection between animals and humans have been given top priority by 300 of the world‘s leading researchers as well as government representatives (International Conference on Animal Health Surveillance held in Copenhagen). Quoting Dr Louise Poulsen: “If antibiotic resistance develops in animals, it can be transmitted to humans and cause serious treatment problems. Potent antibiotics that are currently reserved for humans should not be used on animals. The bacteria could become resistant to antibiotics that would otherwise be used as a last resort for humans.”

Managing Livestock Crises

The Middle East and North Africa region has faced many health crises in recent history with the livestock farming facing H5N8, H9N2, Gumboro, Newcastle Virus, Infectious Laryngotracheitis, IB 4-91, Avian Infectious Bronchitis virus strain IB Ma5 to name a few. Some of these infectious diseases had no developed vaccines at the time, leading to massive livestock incineration and the complete closure of farms.   

With the aim to minimise the emergence and recurrence of clinical disease at a farm level, a treatment and trial was conducted over four consecutive years in Rechmaya, Lebanon by the Evolution Group using the Cellnutrition Health BEEMAR Formula, Vaccine and Immunotherapy. 

Complete Success Reported

While all the other surrounding farms had to cull livestock, many facing total shutdown, the Cellnutrition Health BEEMAR trial poultry farm lost none of its livestock.   

With its versatility to target a specific pathogen for every emerging disease quickly and efficiently, Cellnutrition Health BEEMAR instilled the ability of the poultry to fight any bacteria or virus that tried to infect them on a cellular level.   

A complete overview of the BEEMAR Vaccine and Immunotherapy Treatment and Trial Success is available. Kindly contact us here for a copy.  

BEEMAR Vaccine and Immunotherapy aims to be the world’s first completely natural vaccine for viruses, bacteria and fungi.

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