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International Team

Our international team of scientific scholars have unprecedented proficiency and insight into nature’s perfectly designed solutions in addressing many of the critical healthcare issues that plague humans and animals.


Guided by our internal division heads of Science, Biochemistry, Virology, and Innovation and fuelled by a common philanthropic purpose, we are an international team of scientific scholars and partner institutions with unprecedented proficiency and insight into nature’s perfectly designed solutions in addressing many of the critical healthcare issues that plague humans and animals.


As a researcher working on devastating illnesses with a significant burden even among survivors, I am excited to be involved in developing a new therapy that harnesses naturally occurring and safe materials. The beneficial effects of honey and seawater have strong traditional roots, and we will use a methodical scientific approach to codify this, allowing application to patients suffering from pneumonia and other infectious diseases.


Dr. Daniel O’Toole, BSc, PhD, School of Medicine, NUI Galway.

Nature’s attack on the human race can best be fought with nature, and this makes working with Cellnutrition Health Ltd. to investigate the broad anti-pathogen properties of BEEMAR™ as a natural product so important to us.


Kwadwo Asamoah Kusi, PhD, Department of Immunology, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR), University of Ghana

I have tested hundreds of preparations and only very strong, toxic chemicals have been able to eliminate the threat that destructive pathogens have in the same way BEEMAR™ does, particularly on viruses that pose a threat to our health and wellbeing.


Lead Virologist, Dr. Barbara Bazanow DVM, PhD, Department of Pathology, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Poland

multinational alliances

Our multinational alliances include research in the areas of hive inoculation & extraction, safety & efficacy, validation, pre-clinical trials, quality management systems, and innovation – all amplified by the impact of a comprehensive platform and strategically aligned partnerships with Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and:

With patents already granted and others pending, negotiations are underway with additional academic institutions in the USA and the UK.


After in vitro inoculation, the extracts returned from the hive demonstrated 99.99% efficacy against the pathogens being tested. In light of these findings, we believe BEEMAR™ will be the world’s first natural, pure, chemical-free immunotherapeutic platform to partner with the body’s cells to produce critical reinforcement against pathogenic threats – in humans and animals alike.

John Kelleher, CEO Cellnutrition Health

Our Team

Founded in 2016, Cellnutrition is an Ireland based bio-tech company with a global footprint spanning Europe, North america, Africa, the Middle East and Far East. We specialise in creating 100% pure and natural cellular wellness, fitness and immunity solutions. Our team includes experts and doctors in immunology & virology, environmental & life sciences, cellular medicine and biochemistry.

John Kelleher


Dr. Rania el Helou

Lead Scientist

Dr. Barbara Bazanow

Lead Virologist

Declan Clarke

Head of Innovation and Product Development

Professor Andrzej Vogt

Lead Biochemist

Marie Farag

Head Nutritionist

Steve McInnes

Head of Business Development

Cate Giannousopoulos

Head of Communications

Holly Robinson

Head of Brand Engagement

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