An Ownership through Partnership Funding Model 


An Ownership through Partnership Funding Model 

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

– Helen Keller

Cellnutrition Health BEEMAR Vaccine and Immunotherapy is a Formula that can be applied prophylactically as a vaccine to prevent viral, bacterial and fungal induced illnesses. BEEMAR can also be used treat existing infections caused by pathogens including viruses, bacteria and fungi. BEEMAR has undergone initial successful animal testing over a four-year period. BEEMAR is a 100% pure and natural vaccine. BEEMAR is also a post-infection therapy that is safe to use by anyone.  

BEEMAR scientifically combines enhanced Marine Plasma with non-allergenic Bee products and derivatives, only. BEEMAR is totally toxin and allergen free.

Funding and partnership opportunities are available.   

Partnership Model

Cellnutrition Health has a unique partnership through ownership model that aims to provide every country in the world with the licence to create their own Cellnutrition Health BEEMAR Laboratories making it easier to respond more quickly to health threats of the moment.

Cellnutrition Health will assist in managing the laboratories to ensure that protocols are governed correctly. This changes the game of scaling the supply for the provision of public health and safety quickly, efficiently and affordably. Cellnutrition Health gives governmental or independent laboratories the ability to control future outbreaks of diseases without having to shut down their economies.  

Shifting Paradigms

Cellnutrition Health works to shift healthcare paradigms globally by creating healthy people not patients. It provides Cellular Immunity solutions including treatments for current conditions and disorders, preventative solutions including vaccines and therapeutic solutions for bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens. It is first to market with its fully patented product BEEMAR, an all-natural cure for COVID-19 currently in development. Cellnutrition Health has several other patents in the pipeline.

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BEEMAR Vaccine and Immunotherapy aims to be the world’s first completely natural vaccine for viruses, bacteria and fungi.

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