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The Bee-All and End-All of Vaccines
and Therapies

Cellnutrition Health is creating a vaccine for viral pathogen including the ever-mutating Coronavirus. The scope of research will also be targeted via bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections.

The company is simultaneously developing a treatment for patients suffering from diseases induced by
these pathogens.

Backed by robust science, the fully patented and protected health solution to market, is aptly named
BEEMAR Vaccine and Immunotherapy.

The elegance of the successful BEEMAR Formula lies in its all-natural simplicity and proprietary production protocols. It only uses two active ingredients: Enhanced Marine Plasma and non-allergenic Bee products and derivatives,
predominantly Lysozymes.

Allergen and Toxin free

BEEMAR Vaccine and Immunotherapy is 100% natural, pure, and biocompatible. It does not introduce any foreign substances into the body. All of its components and ingredients are already present in the human body. These components closely resemble the internal terrain of the body making it allergen and toxin free, and safe to use by everyone without any side-effects or interactions.

The Formula: BEEMAR Scientifically Combines Thalassotherapy with Apitherapy

Using robust science, BEEMAR combines enhanced Marine Plasma from our Seas and Bee Lysozymes and derivatives from our Lands. The BEEMAR Formula is delivered to the cellular structure of the body to beat and treat pathogens including viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Most vaccines are administered via subcutaneous or intramuscular injection. BEEMAR Vaccine and Immunotherapy will be one of the first vaccines and therapies on the market to be delivered in five different delivery systems.

It can safely be introduced into the body orally (without fear of oral resistance), nasally (via a nasal spray), ocularly (via eye drops), dermally (via transdermal patches) or via injection.

The success of most vaccines often relies on the most appropriate vaccine administration route. The two active ingredients in BEEMAR furthermore reinforce its success via its delivery systems:

  1. Marine Plasma and Blood Plasma are proven to be almost identical.
  2. Lysozymes occur naturally, and can be found in the human body including human milk, spleen, lungs, kidneys, white blood cells, plasma, saliva and tears.

Common Denominators in BEEMAR

Two common denominators are present in Cellnutrition Health BEEMAR Vaccine and Immunotherapy.
These are:
1. Marine Plasma
Marine Plasma: The ocean had to await the pioneering work of Rene Quinton who made a discovery of the internal MILIEU when he proved that Marine Plasma is almost identical to the plasma of mammals. The common denominator between the sea and mammals is thus Marine Plasma.
2. Bee Lysozymes and derivatives

Literature has historically portrayed that the immunity of insects is substantially different from that of mammals. Looking closer into Bee immunity factors, we can discern a common denominator between the two species (Honeybee and humans) most notably being Lysozymes.

 In fact, insects and mammals share an ancient innate immune system comprising both humoral and cellular responses. The LYZ gene, that encodes human Lysozyme is a protein coding gene, and although Lysozymes primarily have a bacteriolytic function, they are also associated with monocyte- macrophage system and immune-agents enhancing factors.

According to HELAL R, Lysozymes possess other properties besides immunity that act against viruses, inflammation and cancer. Lysozymes also protect against infection from viruses, have the ability to prevent yeast and fungal invasion of regions contained in mucosa.

BEEMAR Replaces Sterile Water and Added Ingredients with Marine Plasma

BEEMAR Vaccine and Immunotherapy has pioneered the use of enhanced Marine Plasma to replace the current water-based vaccines and water-in-oil based vaccines.

BEEMAR’s enhanced Marine Plasma does away with all other added ingredients in traditional vaccines which generally include acidity regulators, adjuvants, antibiotics, emulsifiers, preservatives, steroids and stabilisers.

Marine Plasma is 100% pure, natural and biocompatible, and is backed by more than 100 years of scientific research, and clinical use.

The unique similarity between the Marine Plasma and the internal human terrain allows isolated cells (such as hematites and leucocytes) or tissue fragments or isolated organs to thrive in their most ideal conditions.

René Quinton showed – starting in 1904 – “that the Marine Plasma (read also: Océan Plasma or Marine Serum or Quinton Plasma) is physically, chemically and physiologically identical to our internal terrain and this enables individual cells (particularly hematites and leucocytes) and tissue fragments to thrive under the best possible conditions. It is therefore possible to directly replace with Marine Plasma [seawater] all of the blood volume of an animal (or other warm-blooded organism) – and this without any problems.”
(Dictionairre des médicaments, Vidal, 1975).

First company to Work with Bee Lysozymes
and Derivatives

The human body secretes a limited amount of natural Human Lysozyme. Several transgenic animals have been used in the past to produce bioactive recombinant Human Lysozyme including mice, goats, cows and pigs (Cao et al 2015c, Lu et al 2015). However up till now, no such studies nor extractions were made via Bee derivatives.

Lysozymes are already well validated, used and highly praised by the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. These protein-based enzymes are catalysts that speed up chemical reactions in living cells to support life and have been predominantly extracted up to now, from Chicken Egg Albumen.

The Bee Lysozymes and derivatives present in BEEMAR are unlike the other Lysozymes and are clinically proven to be effective against pathogens such as Coronavirus. This is because Bees are exposed to many more pathogens including those present in Bat and Avian reservoirs. Bees present immunity ahead of time by being constantly exposed to many more pathogens. Their immunity is created by their Lysozymes and certain derivatives present in
the Hives.

The HONEYBEE GENOME SEQUENCING CONSORTIUM 2006 allows the first global analysis of immune components in honey bees, and the second opportunity (after humans) to use genomic insights to better understand disease resistance and immunity, an opportunity not to be missed! BEEMAR science relies on many factors, but mainly on the “shared route for immune pathways and selection to conserve many molecules that proved its efficiency over hundred of million of years”. Contrary to current beliefs, bees immunity share many parallels to the innate immune response of humans and vertebrates (BEUTLER, 2004). CLONING, RECOMBINING, AND OTHER POTENTIAL GENE SEQUENCING are on the future list of CELLNUTRITION HEALTH AGENDA.

A Patented Production and Immunity Process

BEEMAR is a scientifically created sound patented 100% natural formula that combines enhanced Marine Plasma with specific non-toxic and non-allergenic Bee Lysozymes and derivatives to vaccinate against viruses, bacteria and fungi. It can also be used as a treatment therapy post infection to induce immunogenicity. The BEEMAR Formula can be adjusted to mutating pathogens including viruses, bacteria, and fungi in a month. 


Using a specifically patented process, Cellnutrition Health creates the healthiest Bees and Hives possible. It follows a particular process that naturally protects them from outside influences, feeds them on specific health inducing nectar and stimulates them to produce the necessary Lysozymes without interfering with the natural process. Cellnutrition Health then ethically extracts the required Bee Lysozymes and certain other derivatives from the Hive and scientifically combines them with Marine Plasma. The Bee Lysozymes, lightweight protein-based enzymes the size of nanoparticles, are carried into every nuclei of the body by the Marine Plasma which is proven to be almost identical
to Blood Plasma.

More About Marine Plasma

Viruses are opportunistic by nature, meaning they need an “opportunity” to hijack the host machinery for replication. BEEMAR Formula exposes the cell to genetic updates as provided by Bee Lysozymes through their exposure to atmospheric pathogens. Enhanced Marine Plasma, the medium base of BEEMAR Formula removes pre-viral components to save the cell from the infectious processes of various viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic pathogens.

Therefore, exposure is met with a faster and more effective counterattack. This leaves the cell with the ability to initiate specific immunity directed at the inciting pathogen such as Coronavirus or even Influenza.  

BEEMAR Benefits

Cellnutrition Health BEEMAR Formula, Vaccine and Immunotherapy presents numerous benefits. Some include:

Five Routes of Administration

Most vaccines are administered via subcutaneous or intramuscular injection. BEEMAR Vaccine and Immunotherapy will be one of the first vaccines and therapies on the market to be delivered in five different
delivery systems.

This includes a choice of the following routes: Oral dose (without fear of oral resistance), nasal dose (via nasal spray), ocular dose (via eye drops), dermal patch (via transdermal patches), or via injection (as in most vaccines).

Backed by robust science, BEEMAR Vaccine and Immunotherapy comprises tried and tested, ethically harvested active ingredients provided by nature including enhanced Marine Plasma with Bee Lysozymes and derivatives. It is safe for use by anyone without side-effects or contra-indications. 

BEEMAR Nasal Spray
The BEEMAR Nasal Spray is highly effective for respiratory illnesses as it gently clears pathogens and deposits its therapeutic agents in the anterior and posterior nose and nasal cavities for optimum absorption. The nasal cavity is anatomically linked to conjunctival mucosa, that lines the inside of the eyelids and covers the sclera or the whites of the eyes. This means that a nasally administered therapy will also be effective in those regions. 
BEEMAR Eye Drops
Lysozymes naturally occur in the lacrimal glands of the eyes (that secrete the aqueous layer of the tear film) and in nasal mucus of both humans and animals. Lysozymes are also the main active ingredient of Cellnutrition BEEMAR, making the compound non-alien to the vaccinated subject. The other component of Cellnutrition Health BEEMAR Eye Drops being isotonic Marine Plasma also holds a track record of clinical safety and efficacy. These stated facts allow a revolution in the science of eye-drop vaccination, following the incredibly successful results of the BEEMAR Poultry Treatment and Trial.  
Oral vaccines have numerous benefits to socio-economics, transport and onsite administration, particularly in communities with lacklustre healthcare systems. Other benefits include the stimulation of both the cellular and humoral immune responses.    The Marine Peptides contained in the Marine Plasma present in BEEMAR specifically aid oral tolerance and hold many other benefits to ensure that the active ingredients are readily absorbed and efficient. 
BEEMAR Injectable
BEEMAR Vaccine and Immunotherapy can easily be introduced via intramuscular injection for a direct and immediate dose into the body the traditional way. This ensures the full absorption of the active ingredients in BEEMAR directly into the bloodstream. It is equally effective, if not more so via microinjection using microneedles for almost painless and consistent intradermal delivery, especially to the site of infection.
BEEMAR Transdermal Patch
The BEEMAR Transdermal Patches deliver BEEMAR Vaccine and Immunotherapy topically, where it is absorbed through the dermal layers and into the bloodstream. The patches provide a consistent and sustained delivery of BEEMAR’s active ingredients into the bloodstream over a longer period of time. This leads to a constant delivery of the active ingredients in BEEMAR which are the size of nanoparticles, to the blood plasma creating high bioavailability. They are easily applied by a health worker, caregiver or personally and provide a visual cue that it has been administered. 

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