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Forged at the intersection between Medical and Marine Sciences, BEEMAR™ is a responsive biotechnology that uses the intelligence inherent in Enhanced Marine Plasma and genetic instructions from honeybees to activate a response to harmful pathogens and their variants.

BEEMAR™ is the revolution the world has been waiting for.

Pioneering, precise,
100% repeatable

BEEMAR ™ is a powerful and natural process that is repeated for every new pathogen identified – viruses, bacteria, and parasites alike – and customized for every region of the world.

The Science Of BEEMAR™

Galvanized by the proficiency found in nature and built on the intrinsic immunity of the honeybee, BEEMAR™ is a three-step process:


The pathogen is isolated and delivered to the hive.


The bee colony decodes the disease and delivers a custom-made, powerful formula.


The formula, effectively a set of genetic instructions, is extracted and suspended in Enhanced Marine Plasma to deliver a rapid, effective, and 100% natural immunotherapeutic benefit.

Inherent Intelligence

The power of BEEMAR™ is in its ability to effectively activate and equip the body’s own immune system to produce specific genetic messaging, teaching cells to survey their environment and then confront and destroy harmful pathogens – generating memory of the infection to initiate specific and robust immunity in future attacks.


During rigorous preclinical trials with several harmful pathogens, our Lead Virologist observed BEEMAR™’s extraordinary impact on the microorganisms being assessed:

I have tested hundreds of preparations and only very strong chemicals that are toxic to humans have been able to eliminate the threat that destructive pathogens have in the same way BEEMAR™ does, particularly on viruses that pose a threat to our health and wellbeing.

Lead Virologist, Dr. Barbara Bazanow DVM, PhD, Department of Pathology, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Poland

BEEMAR™ Forges A New Path.
Nothing Else Comes Close.

Not just an unrivalled market opportunity,
BEEMAR™ is the only platform capable of solving the global immunity crisis.

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