About Us

Past, Present and Future-proofing World Healthcare

About Us

Past, Present and
Future-proofing World Healthcare

The Cellnutrition Group comprises three companies including Cellnutrition, Cellnutrition Sport and Cellnutrition Health.

Cellnutrition Health is an Ireland-based health company with a global footprint. Its mission is to create healthy people not patients. After all, it is healthy people who create healthy and thriving economies. Cellnutrition Health asks governments, healthcare systems and individuals to regain control. 

The company is headed-up by CEO John Kelleher who also owns Cellnutrition which offers 100% pure and natural lifestyle based Cellular Intelligence solutions, as well as Cellnutrition Sport which offers all-natural Cellular Fitness health solutions. Cellnutrition and Cellnutrition Sport were established in 2016.

Points of Difference

The Cellnutrition Group has several innovative points of difference aimed at enhancing the lives of people with scientifically backed, all-natural Cellular Fitness, Cellular Intelligence and Cellular Immunity solutions that enhance body, mind, overall wellbeing, and immunity. It remains a pivotal holistic health provider during the current COVID-19 Pandemic. Now and looking forward. It presents a Plan A, Plan Bee and Plan Sea ahead of time.

First Health Solution to Market

Cellnutrition Health’s first scientifically proven health solution is BEEMAR Vaccine and Immunotherapy. The approach to BEEMAR’s creation can be applied to many viruses, bacteria, fungi and certain parasites.

Dependent on its formulation, Cellnutrition Health BEEMAR Vaccine and Immunotherapy can be used as a vaccine to provide immunity against specific viruses, bacteria and fungi. BEEMAR can also be used as a treatment post infection for diseases caused by these pathogens.

In the Pipeline

Cellnutrition Health has several other patents in the pipeline as it endeavours to create 100% pure, natural and futureproof healthcare solutions by scientifically combining nature with evidence-based medicine. It establishes a Plan A, Plan Bee and Plan Sea.

The Team

A Global Team of Experts

The ever-growing team of more than 30 experts is headed-up by CEO John Kelleher. It currently includes hand-selected specialists from around the world in the fields of science, chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, apiology, thalassotherapy, business and investor relations, nutrition, pharmacology, marketing and communications.  

The global team is based in Ireland, The UK, Europe, North America, Canada, Africa, The Middle East and The Far East.

BEEMAR Vaccine and Immunotherapy aims to be the world’s first completely natural vaccine for viruses, bacteria and fungi.

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